среда, 14 марта 2012 г.

Scoping it out: The observation deck is now open

Flipping through the news pages, clicking through the channels,taking on the jerks and looking at life's quirks:

Linda MacLennan is a sparkling presence on the Channel 2 news at10 p.m., but I wish she would learn to drop that Canadian way ofpronouncing the "ou" sound.

Every time she says "The `Soath' Side of Chicago," I cringe.

All right Linda, what's the sound you make when you stub yourtoe - it's not "oach," it's "ouch," right?

So, whenever you have to say "south" or "about," just think ofstubbing your toe.

If those kids on the ABC-TV show "Head of the Class" are sosmart, how come they can't get out of high school?

Here's a …

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