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FED: Call for ban on antibiotics for animal growth

AAP General News (Australia)
FED: Call for ban on antibiotics for animal growth

A new study says Victorian hospitals are over-using last-resort antibiotics, which is
adding to the danger of increasing resistance.

Infectious diseases expert Professor PETER COLLIGNON from Canberra Hospital says five
metropolitan hospitals account for 69 per cent of of the antibiotic vancomycin dispensed in
the survey of 35 hospitals.

Professor COLLIGNON says there should be official intervention to curb the use of

At the same time he's calling for a ban on the use of similar drugs in animals because of
fears there is a link with human resistance.

Professor COLLIGNON says the antibiotic avoparcin, widely used as a growth promotant in
pigs, chickens and cows, may be transferred to humans via the food chain.

He says avoparcin has already been banned by the European Union and has never been used in
the United States, where it's classified as a cause of cancer.

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