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Fed: Most doing right thing - Hardgrave

Fed: Most doing right thing - Hardgrave

CANBERRA, April 22 AAP - Most asylum seekers in detention centres did the right thingand only a few caused trouble for officials, Multicultural Affairs Minister Gary Hardgravesaid today.

When questioned about the stand-off at the Curtin detention centre at Derby in WesternAustralia yesterday, Mr Hardgrave said most people were well behaved.

He said while the day-to-day operational matters were handled by Immigration MinisterPhilip Ruddock, it was fair to say staff were working with community members.

"Most of the people in detention centres do the right thing," Mr Hardgrave told theNine Network's Today Show.

"A few of the troublemakers are dealt with and operational matters are handled in thatway that some people are isolated to get them out of the pack and some of the mattersthat are causing them concern are dealt with on a day-to-day basis."

More than 300 detainees were last night refusing to negotiate with authorities, whowanted a handover of any weapons and ring-leaders involved in Friday night's riot whichresulted in substantial property damage and injuries to 28 staff.

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