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Qld: Hanson says boatpeople issue helped One Nation

AAP General News (Australia)
Qld: Hanson says boatpeople issue helped One Nation

By Steve Connolly

BRISBANE, Feb 12 AAP - Pauline Hanson today cited concern over illegal immigrants as
one of the issues that has helped return One Nation to political prominence.

Ms Hanson said many people she had met while campaigning for the Western Australian
election had raised the boat people issue and were worried about illegal immigrants being
criminals or spreading disease.

Illegal immigrants, along with the GST, rising fuel prices and dairy industry deregulation
were among the federal issues that had impacted on the defeat of the Court government
in WA and the strong performance from One Nation, she said.

"At every meeting people asked me about what we are going to do about the illegal boatpeople,"

Ms Hanson said in an interview today.

"The general feeling is that people feel forgotten, that the government and the opposition
are more concerned about the illegal boatpeople arriving on our shores and that they actually
provide more for them than our own people here."

Ms Hanson said people were angry about the money spent upgrading the Port Hedland detention
centre in WA's north-west and the fact that its occupants were immigration "queue jumpers"

rather than genuine refugees.

"The clear message is, they don't want them here, they want the government to turn
the boats around and say go back where they come from," Ms Hanson said.

"They don't see them as refugees. They are queue jumpers. They are people who don't
deserve to come out here when we have a lot of good people who will not be a burden on
our welfare system, infrastructure, nursing homes and hospitals, and yet the government
does not allow them to come into this country.

"The people have had enough and they're sick of seeking the handouts and especially
when it's costing the taxpayer $115 a day for every illegal refugee in this country.

"They're coming in by the thousands, it's beyond a joke and people are saying `we've
had enough'."

Ms Hanson said many so-called boat people could not even prove their identity.

"We don't know if they've got any criminal background," she said.

"We don't know exactly where they're from, and another thing there's diseases that
they're bringing into Australia.

"It's a known fact that some of them have got typhoid. We're leaving our people wide
open to catching these diseases.

"It is unfair to the Australian people and I believe in protecting and supporting the
Australian people first and foremost before these illegals."

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