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SA: Armed robber escapes from Mt Gambier jail

AAP General News (Australia)
SA: Armed robber escapes from Mt Gambier jail

A convicted armed robber remains on the loose after escaping from a South Australian
prison overnight.

Police say IAN KEITH PENNACK climbed two razor-wire topped fences at the Mount Gambier
jail in the state's south-east and escaped about 12.30am (CST) today.

The 53-year-old had been serving 18 years imprisonment with 11 years non-parole for
armed robbery but was due for release in July.

PENNACK, who's robbery convictions date back to 1968, is the first prisoner to escape
from the minimum security jail since it was privatised in 1996.

He's described as 175 centimetres tall with a slim build, pale skin and brown hair
and eyes, and a sunken face.

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