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SA:SA Libs must show bank docs, Hill says

AAP General News (Australia)
SA:SA Libs must show bank docs, Hill says

ADELAIDE, April 7 AAP - South Australian Liberals have a "questionable history" with
documents and should show bank information they claim demonstrates a cost blow-out for
the new Royal Adelaide hospital, SA Health Minister John Hill says.

"The leader of the opposition (Isobel Redmond) must now show the public of South Australia
the document which was used to make this claim," he told state parliament on Thursday.

"Because we know that people in her position have, in the past, had credibility issues
with documents used to make outrageous claims in this parliament."

Opposition treasury spokesman Iain Evans on Wednesday told parliament the documents
revealed the full cost of the hospital would be $2.73 billion, well above the government's
original figure of $1.7 billion.

He said the higher figure was included in documents released by Macquarie Bank in
January as a briefing for potential investors.

"The total use of funds come 2016 is $2.73 billion," he said.

Mr Hill said in a ministerial statement the phrase "total use of funds spent come
2016" was deliberately ambiguous language.

"If the alleged document is genuine, the aspiring leader, the member for Davenport,
must know that the document reveals a construction cost that is lower than the figure
he used and does not support the claims he and the leader of the opposition made in the
house yesterday," Mr Hill said.

He said the government had not yet reached financial closure with the company, SA
Health Partnership, contracted to build, maintain and manage the hospital for 35 years.

"The government will release all information that is not commercially confidential," he said.

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